DTC July 30 2022 Answers

Looking to see how a missing word is looking like in DTC daily puzzle July 30 2022 ? Check out this list of the words you have to find in today’s puzzle. Whether it is another amazing grid, with super dictionnary words or just a list of jumbled words, it’s always exciting to find them and finish the daily routine related to this game.

And of course, playing a game like DTC isn’t just about swiping and finding words. It’s also about time spent onf every grid and for daily, you have to be quick as much as possible in order to break free and move on. So if you have been looking to finish DTC July 30 grid alone but haven’t figured out some of the words to find, just check out the list below.

DTC daily Puzzle July 30 2022 answers:


  • 1a. Santa’s workshop employee : ELF
  • 4a. Freshly painted : WET
  • 7a. Falafel bread : PITA
  • 11a. Be bedridden : AIL
  • 12a. One-person show : SOLO
  • 13a. Very dry, like a desert : ARID
  • 14a. “Long time, no ___!” : SEE
  • 15a. The “U” in CPU : UNIT
  • 16a. ___ an ear to (listen) : LEND
  • 17a. Chris ___, “Knives Out” actor who voices Buzz Lightyear in the movie “Lightyear” : EVANS
  • 19a. Camera feature for close-ups : ZOOM
  • 21a. “Take On Me” band: Hyph. : AHA
  • 23a. Tear into pieces (rhymes with “bend”) : REND
  • 26a. Taika ___, “Jojo Rabbit” actor who voices Mo Morrison in the movie “Lightyear” : WAITITI
  • 30a. Naan, e.g. : BREAD
  • 32a. Sleeve filler : ARM
  • 33a. “___ Fletcher” (2019 comedy series) : MRS
  • 35a. Asia’s ___ Darya river : AMU
  • 36a. Classroom aid that may spin : GLOBE
  • 39a. Efren ___, “Napoleon Dynamite” actor who voices Diaz in the movie “Lightyear” : RAMIREZ
  • 42a. Cajun veggie : OKRA
  • 43a. “Are we there ___?” : YET
  • 44a. Elevator pioneer : OTIS
  • 47a. Uzo ___, “Orange Is the New Black” actress who voices Alicia Hawthorne in the movie “Lightyear” : ADUBA
  • 51a. Like the office in Washington D.C. : OVAL
  • 54a. On a ___ (winning streak) : ROLL
  • 56a. Water faucet : TAP
  • 57a. Jeans maker Strauss : LEVI
  • 58a. Bills in a tip jar, usually : ONES
  • 59a. Honest ___ (Presidential nickname) : ABE
  • 60a. University official : DEAN
  • 61a. Manhattan-based newspaper: Abbr. : NYT
  • 62a. Evil spell : HEX


  • 1d. “At ___” (military order) : EASE
  • 2d. “Isle of Dogs” voice actor ___ Schreiber : LIEV
  • 3d. Bug on a dog : FLEA
  • 4d. Took first place : WON
  • 5d. British monarch, for short : ELIZ
  • 6d. Dorothy’s dog from “The Wizard of Oz” : TOTO
  • 7d. Keke ___, “Scream Queens” actress who voices Izzy Hawthorne in the movie “Lightyear” : PALMER
  • 8d. Fit of fury : IRE
  • 9d. Soda can material : TIN
  • 10d. “___ insult to injury” : ADD
  • 12d. Japanese fish roll : SUSHI
  • 18d. Jazz singer ___ King Cole : NAT
  • 20d. Ethereal sphere : ORB
  • 22d. 24-hour dispenser: Abbr. : ATM
  • 24d. Close at hand : NEAR
  • 25d. Helen Mirren’s title : DAME
  • 26d. Happy tail movement : WAG
  • 27d. Folk music legend ___ Guthrie : ARLO
  • 28d. Statement of reassurance: 2 wds. : IMOK
  • 29d. Discount tag letters : IRR
  • 31d. “Eazy-___-It” (album by Eazy-E) : DUZ
  • 34d. Put into words : SAY
  • 37d. James ___, “Westworld” actor who voices Emperor Zurg in the movie “Lightyear” : BROLIN
  • 38d. Hit the buffet : EAT
  • 40d. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner : MEALS
  • 41d. “___ be my pleasure!” : ITD
  • 45d. Word after “curling” to mean a styling device : IRON
  • 46d. PlayStation company : SONY
  • 48d. Salt Lake City’s state : UTAH
  • 49d. Oinker from movies or Ruth from the Yankees : BABE
  • 50d. Uppermost point : APEX
  • 51d. ___ Fashioned (cocktail) : OLD
  • 52d. Victory sign : VEE
  • 53d. Actress Gardner of “Mogambo” : AVA
  • 55d. “Live and ___ live” : LET

We guess you got some help with our today’s answers list. We have professional crews and a lot of people involved to make sure everything goes smoothly, everyday, new answers are added to ensure that you don’t linger too much when you are playing DTC on a limited time, it’s not likely that you are going to spend a lot of time but you may not be able to find everything by yourself.

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Finally, keep in mind that what is really important is to use your imagination. It doesn’t matter if you swipe a wrong word or type another twice, the crucial bit is to try again and again until you’re done.


DTC July 30 2022 Answers

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