DTC July 06 2022 Answers

Looking to see how a missing word is looking like in DTC daily puzzle July 06 2022 ? Check out this list of the words you have to find in today’s puzzle. Whether it is another amazing grid, with super dictionnary words or just a list of jumbled words, it’s always exciting to find them and finish the daily routine related to this game.

And of course, playing a game like DTC isn’t just about swiping and finding words. It’s also about time spent onf every grid and for daily, you have to be quick as much as possible in order to break free and move on. So if you have been looking to finish DTC July 06 grid alone but haven’t figured out some of the words to find, just check out the list below.

DTC daily Puzzle July 06 2022 answers:


  • 1a. “Before,” in a poem : ERE
  • 4a. Swiss peak : ALP
  • 7a. Adjective in The Beatles’ nickname : FAB
  • 10a. Brood or sulk (anagram of “poem”) : MOPE
  • 12a. “A penny ___ your thoughts?” : FOR
  • 13a. Ice cream parlor option : CONE
  • 14a. “My ___,” 2021 song by K-pop’s BTS and Coldplay : UNIVERSE
  • 16a. Fuzzy pocket find, perhaps : LINT
  • 17a. Unnecessary stir : ADO
  • 18a. It may be laced or heeled : SHOE
  • 20a. “Lil buddy,” familiarly : KIDDO
  • 23a. Actors Townsend and Erwin, informally : STUS
  • 24a. “As to,” in memos: 2 wds. : INRE
  • 25a. The “K” in K-pop : KOREAN
  • 28a. Sault ___ Marie : STE
  • 29a. “___ With Luv,” 2019 song by K-pop’s BTS and Halsey : BOY
  • 31a. Insect concerned with spelling? : BEE
  • 33a. Sty female : SOW
  • 34a. Spotify or SoundCloud, e.g. : APP
  • 35a. “___ of You,” song by K-pop’s CHUNG HA and R3HAB from the album “Querencia” : DREAM
  • 37a. Poker payment : ANTE
  • 38a. Like nostalgia-evoking fashion : RETRO
  • 39a. “___ Shut Up and Dance,” 2019 song by K-pop’s NCT 127, Jason Derulo, and Lay : LETS
  • 41a. Stable morsel : OAT
  • 42a. 2017 Pixar film with the song “Remember Me” : COCO
  • 43a. 2014 song by K-pop’s Psy and Snoop Dogg that was featured in the Marvel film “Black Panther” : HANGOVER
  • 48a. Bard of ___ : AVON
  • 49a. Soccer pass path, perhaps : ARC
  • 50a. Bills in Istanbul : LIRA
  • 51a. “Thor” actress Russo : RENE
  • 52a. Engage in prevarication : LIE
  • 53a. One might be given during a sleepover game : DARE


  • 1d. Bird from Brisbane : EMU
  • 2d. Weasley who married Hermione Granger : RON
  • 3d. Prefix with “pen” or “center” : EPI
  • 4d. Hendrix’s hairstyle : AFRO
  • 5d. “L” in LA : LOS
  • 6d. Cousin of “Abracadabra!” : PRESTO
  • 7d. ___ gras (controversial meat) : FOIE
  • 8d. Raggedy doll’s name : ANN
  • 9d. Raise or call, in a casino : BET
  • 11d. Shirk, as a question : EVADE
  • 13d. “___ To Me (Remix),” 2019 song by K-pop’s Red Velvet, Ellie Goulding, and Diplo : CLOSE
  • 15d. What Tokyo was earlier called : EDO
  • 19d. “Ben-___” (epic film) : HUR
  • 20d. “___ and Make Up,” 2018 song by K-pop’s Blackpink and Dua Lipa : KISS
  • 21d. Take ___ account : INTO
  • 22d. Doodled : DREW
  • 23d. Zoom alternative : SKYPE
  • 26d. Help a burglar, say : ABET
  • 27d. Within eyesight : NEAR
  • 29d. Declares off limits : BANS
  • 30d. ___ in (go for it) : OPT
  • 32d. Kind of song you may listen to when you’re feeling angsty : EMO
  • 35d. Type of motor racing : DRAG
  • 36d. Narrated again, as a tale : RETOLD
  • 37d. Right one’s wrongs? : ATONE
  • 39d. “Who Do U ___?,” 2019 song by K-pop’s Monsta X featuring French Montana : LOVE
  • 40d. Adam Smith’s subject, for short : ECON
  • 41d. “___ and for all…” : ONCE
  • 42d. One with a horn and antenna : CAR
  • 43d. Lincoln-portraying actor Holbrook : HAL
  • 44d. ___ Aster, director of “Midsommar” : ARI
  • 45d. Bus route word : VIA
  • 46d. Misspeak, perhaps : ERR
  • 47d. Actress Issa or Charlotte : RAE

We guess you got some help with our today’s answers list. We have professional crews and a lot of people involved to make sure everything goes smoothly, everyday, new answers are added to ensure that you don’t linger too much when you are playing DTC on a limited time, it’s not likely that you are going to spend a lot of time but you may not be able to find everything by yourself.

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Finally, keep in mind that what is really important is to use your imagination. It doesn’t matter if you swipe a wrong word or type another twice, the crucial bit is to try again and again until you’re done.


DTC July 06 2022 Answers

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